This Guide will get you up to speed on how to use Cutting Time's Online Calculator

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We need some information about your design. Let us show you how to find those numbers quickly so you can get an instant price from Cutting Time.

Prep Your File

Before we cut your design, you need to make sure it’s ready for us. In just a few steps you can use your favorite CAD program to create the files we need. 

Shipping Times

 Cutting Time is located near a major air freight terminal, meaning we ship parts world wide, fast. 

Design Tips

Better designs make better parts, which make amazing products. We have a number of tips and tutorials below to help improve the quality of your parts.

Get Pricing

For us to calculate manufacturing times accurately and give you the best pricing possible, there are two pieces of information from your design that you will need to put into our pricing calculator.

Please do not combine multiple parts into one design

  • Overall Length and Width
    •  This is how much material we will need to manufacture each part. These dimensions need to match the “Bounding Box” of your part, which is the smallest rectangle you can fit your part inside of. For example, if your part is a 10″ circle, your overall dimensions would be 10″ x 10″.
  •  Cutting Distance
    • This is the total distance of material our plasma will have to cut to make your part. This includes the outer contour, inside contours and holes. Most CAD software will call this “Loop Length” or “Path Distance” when inspecting your design.

How To Find These Values

The File

  • We prefer .dxf format where possible. However, we support the following formats, .DXF .STEP .IGES .DWG .SVG
  • Watch for open contours. Any open, broken or non connecting lines in your file will not be properly compensated for kerf and will result in delays cutting your order.
  • Please limit the drawings to one part per file. Once you have added a part to your cart, you can navigate back to our pricing page to add more parts to your order..
  • Do not compensate for kerf in your file. If your software has a kerf or “line weight” option, ensure this is set to 0.00″ or “Hairline”.

How To Export Your Design

Shipping Times

We take pride in providing extremely fast turnaround time and following through with a wide range of shipping options to suit your budget and timeline. Our proximity to a major air freight terminal allows us to offer next day shipping in North America and two day shipping for most of the rest of the world. 

Shipping prices and delivery ETA’s are calculated live at checkout, and are limited to orders that can be shipped by parcel mail. For parts over 24″ x 24″, you will need to contact us for a freight quote. Please note that the standard carrier does not delivery on weekends or holidays.

Design Tips

  • Use caution with small holes. Edge quality will start to degrade on holes that are smaller than 0.375″ or two times the material thickness. Small holes may require cleanup or reaming for adequate bolt clearance.
  • Be aware of warping on narrow, long parts. The heat input from cutting can often inflict a slight bow to these narrow, long parts. 
  • Use a radius on inside corners where possible. Plasma cutting will often leave a small tapered cut edge on sharp inside corners. This is often negligible but should be planned for if designing parts that slot together.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Cutting Time offers CNC press brake forming, please contact us for pricing.

Cutting Time is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cutting Time aims to manufacture and ship all orders on the following business day, or same day where possible. In the unlikely event of a material shortage, or other unforeseen delay, we will contact you immediately and provide an updated ETA.

Yes, Cutting Time ships world wide! 

Cutting Time offers a variety of shipping services to best suit your timeline and budget. This is chosen at the checkout, and shows a corresponding delivery date. If you need your parts delivered sooner than the provided dates, please contact us for alternative shipping options.

Our shipping options provided at checkout are through parcel carriers and are the fastest method. If shipping times aren’t a concern, please contact us for a freight quote 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of custom manufactured parts we cannot offer returns on parts. That being said, we do stand behind our manufacturing and quality control processes. In the event of a manufacturing defect, we will do our best to remedy the situation as quick as possible.

Please view our full terms and conditions for more information.

Not at all! We can cut many materials and sheet thicknesses not listed on the pricing calculator. Contact us for pricing on your specific project.